Bob Dexter

Alissa Indra

The brain doctor came in and said, “There’s nothing we can do.” And I said, “I am very adamant about organ donation, so please, whatever you do, don’t ruin his chances to save someone else.”
Alissa's Story

Gina Groves

"Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo". Eso es lo que usted escuchará si consigues el saludo de correo de voz de Gina Grove. Es el tipo de persona que ella es. También es por qué es una donante de riñón vivo.
Gina's Story

Jose Cortes

La vida de Alejandra Cortes cambió hace ocho años cuando su hermano, José, sufrió un infarto a la edad de 35 años de una manera inesperada.
Jose's Story

Tara Fox

"My disease is never going to get better. My kidneys will never regain function. I feel like I'm waiting for them to fail so I can start the next chapter of my life. "
Tara Fox's Story

Carrie Nance

After the tragic loss of his daughter, Carrie, Scott Nance finds strength in sharing their story while spreading awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation.
Carrie's Story

Marissa Salgado

"¡Gracias, papa!" Marissa Salgado no puede decirlo suficiente. Cuando la insuficiencia renal crónica cambió su vida cuando ella tenía 16 años, ella sufrió años de diálisis diaria.
Marissa 's Story

Gary Lodge

At age 34, Gary’s life came to a sudden end when a blood clot lodged at the base of his brain. In the midst of a devastating loss, Brenda knew Gary wanted to be an organ, eye and tissue donor – he had a ‘D’ on his license.
Gary's Story

Ordway Lipscomb

Today Lipscomb takes his health very seriously and is hopeful he will receive a kidney transplant.
Ordway's Story

Lindsey Bingham

Lindsey Bingham de North Powder, Oregón, tiene 8 años de edad y sufre de miocardiopatía dilatada.
Lindsey's Story

Maria Fernanda Filizola

Por una historia de la enfermedad renal en la familia, los padres de Nevaeh, una niña de diez años, ayudarle a enfocarse en la esperanza, la gratitud, y la compasión por los demás.
Maria's Story

Leslie Coefield

“It has given me great comfort to know that something good could come from the devastating loss of my son."
Leslie's Story

Justice Williams

Justice's transplant was a gift of hope. We are lucky that Justice is able to play, grow, learn, and love. Everyone should have that chance.
Justice 's Story

Hayley Resk

Hayley Resk is a happy, healthy college student after receiving a partial liver transplant from the most important person in her life, her mother.
Hayley's Story

Cindy Mark

“I still feel very happy to have helped someone else. It was so easy; the recovery time was easy. I would do it again if I could. I wish more people would try to donate.”
Cindy's Story

Addy Neal

¡Desde el 8 de agosto de 2010, Addy Neal ha sido capaz de respirar! Después de toda una vida de lucha con la Fibrosis Quística, Addy recibió un doble transplante de pulmón en 23 años de edad.
Addy's Story

Dotty Pantle

I believe in the program, and it is my way of honoring my son Paul and keeping his memory alive.
Dotty 's Story

Justin Boyce

While Justin left behind the memories of an active young man that brought smiles to his classmates and family, it was his legacy of being an organ donor that left the biggest impact.
Justin's Story

Sophia Boyer

Laura and Brian Boyer’s youngest daughter Sophia was diagnosed at birth with Alpha-1-Anti-trypsin deficiency disorder, a rare genetic disorder affecting the liver and eventually the lungs.
Sophia's Story

Bernadette Artharee

For almost three years, while I waited, I received dialysis. The treatments, given three times a week, became my life. Dialysis wasn’t living, it was postponing death
Bernadette's Story

Susan Hasset

Susan's personal fight against Hypertrophic Cardiomiopathy has finally ended, thanks to one individual who registered as an organ donor.
Susan 's Story

Bob Dexter

With a new liver and a second chance at life, my life has changed in so many ways. I was even able to walk my daughter down the aisle.
Bob 's Story

Sharol & Marlene

One year after the transplant, Sharol and Marlene sought to meet each other. In an ironic twist of fate, the two found they lived just two miles apart.
Sharol & Marlene's Story

Katy Portell

At a mere four-years-old, Katy was deemed strong and old enough for open-heart surgery. It was then that she received a pulmonary artery.
Katy's Story

Rosie Tabb

Heart recipient Rosie Tabb relished every minute of her busy life once dominated by congestive heart failure.
Rosie 's Story

Lynda Myers

Every morning when I wake up, reach for my glasses and realize I don’t need them.
Lynda's Story

Carlos Aguilar

Lo que comenzó como un simple problema con su rodilla, más tarde se reveló mucho más graves problemas con su salud: él y su madre Lilia se enteró de que sus riñones estaban fallando.
Carlos's Story

Jamie Hiner

On January 26th, 2011, Jamie’s transplant coordinator called saying, "We have a new liver for you."
Jamie's Story

Will Lewis

Will Lewis had been sick as long as he could remember, so it came as no surprise when doctors informed him that he’d need a kidney transplant.
Will 's Story

Patrice Ball

My family members have known the heartache of loss, and the bliss of renewed life."
Patrice's Story

Craig Johnson

“I am living today because an organ became available. I am not sure how much longer I could have gone on. I am forever thankful!”
Craig 's Story

Emily Monfort

“Sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand that although I look perfectly normal, my life is not and never really will be ‘normal’ in the usual sense of the word.”
Emily 's Story

Stephanie Holladay

“It’s humbling to set aside your own life for a while so that another person can reclaim theirs.”
Stephanie 's Story

Bob Dexter

With a new liver and a second chance at life, my life has changed in so many ways. One of the most important milestones for me was being able to walk my daughter down the aisle. I’ve also committed myself to volunteer work and spend a large amount of my time at the Portland V.A. Transplant Hospital as well as Donate Life Northwest. The contribution that I make now is to help others who are crossing the treacherous waters that I faced not so long ago. I give hope and tell them to think of all the things they are going to do in the future. I encourage them not to dwell on the sickness they are strapped with today.

My mission after my transplant experience has been to open people’s eyes to the critical need for organ and tissue donation. Whenever I get complacent, I try to remember all the friends I have at the V.A. Hospital who are waiting for their own transplants. They are people who no longer have control of their lives. They are scared, sick, and waiting, all the while hoping they can hang on long enough to get the call that there is an organ available for them.

My life has been extended by someone who has given me the greatest of gifts; a chance to live another day with the ones I love and cherish. For that, I have made a promise to myself and my donor that I will not waste a single day.


Donate Life Northwest urges people to designate themselves as a donor. Code your driver's license as donor, sign up on line at, or call 503.494.7888 or 1.800.452.1369 for a paper registry form. Please... share your decision with your family!