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Green silhouette of kidneys

Kevin Kuhl

When Kevin learned that a co-worker was desperately ill and needed a kidney transplant, he took it upon himself to get educated. Then, he saved her life.

One day, my coworker, Connie, told her story about struggling with declining kidney function for months and being on dialysis. She was being added to the transplant list and was brave enough to tell everyone at work about it and ask if anyone was willing to donate. I knew about organ donation generally, but wasn't very knowledgeable about living kidney donation.

I jumped at the thought of donating but quickly realized I needed to educate myself. After doing some research, reading the information provided by OHSU, and talking to people who had donated or were recipients, I was ready to make my decision. For me, it ended up being an easy decision. I knew I would be able to live my life the same way post-donation, but more importantly, I was giving someone the chance at extra life, which was an easy yes. I started my application in May 2022 and did various tests from June through August. The testing process was a little bit longer than I expected. Many times, I was worried I wouldn't qualify or be a match. Towards the end of August, I got the call from OHSU that I was approved and was a match – I was overjoyed! Surgery was scheduled for November 15, 2022.

My living kidney donation was standard; surgery and recovery were exactly what I had been told by the OHSU donor team. More than a year post-transplant, my recipient and I are both doing wonderfully and are back to living normal lives. For me, the most impactful part has been all of the people I have met along the way. Whether it be the transplant team, doctors, surgeons, nurses, donors, recipients, family members, they have all been so amazing and supportive, and it really feels like I have become a part of this close-knit community. My recipient and I, once just co-workers, have now become dear friends. I feel lucky to have been able to make such a difference in someone's life, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if I could.