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Maqsuda Kabir

Because of her hero donor, Maqsuda can breathe again, and be the wife, mother, and career woman she loves to be.

Maqsuda Kabir was a happy, busy wife and mother, who loved her career practicing as an RN consultant. She was focused on her family, friends, and furthering her education when she was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis (gradual scarring of the lungs) and pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs). Soon, Maqsuda found that even “simple” activities like dressing seemed impossible.

“Every breath was a struggle,” Maqsuda shares. Her husband and teenaged daughter were forced to watch her health decline as she became oxygen dependent and homebound. Maqsuda was listed for a double lung transplant and then clung to life, wondering if she would get to see her daughter graduate high school.

A month and a half after being added to the waiting list, Maqsuda’s phone rang on a Sunday morning at 4:38 AM. As her head swirled with both excitement and fear, the Kabir family packed and called for an air ambulance to provide them with transport to UCLA for a double lung transplant.

One day, Maqsuda would like to meet the family of the donor who saved her life on December 19, 2016. She has written to them and understands they need time to grieve their loss. Meanwhile, she refers to her donor as an “angel on earth” and a “selfless human being.” Because of this hero donor, Maqsuda can breathe again and do all of the daily activities of a wife, mother, and career woman.

Today, Maqsuda has a message for those who are considering donor registration. She says, “Discuss it with your family or significant other, and make your final decision knowing that one organ donor can save many lives and leave their imprint on their recipients in many ways.”