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Anyone Can Be A Hero - Trivia!

Anyone Can Be A Hero Trivia Night, February 9th

Join us for a free online Trivia Night on Thursday, February 9th at 6:30 PM to celebrate donation, transplant, and our superhero community! Win some DLNW Swag, some I Hearts Guts awesomeness, and eternal bragging rights. Registration will open closer to the event.

Be A Trivia Hero Button

Our Anyone Can Be A Hero campaign celebrates the donor heroes who inspire us, the recipient heroes who motivate us, and our supporter heroes who make it possible for us to continue spreading awareness about the importance of donation and transplantation.


  • Trivia will take place over Zoom. Questions will be asked per round and teams will be given time at the end of the round in breakout rooms to discuss their answers before submitting.
  • Trivia includes general knowledge trivia, superhero trivia, and donation / transplant trivia.
  • Answers will be submitted by the team captain via a Google Form for each round.
  • No more than 6 members per team, but since it's virtual, team members can be located anywhere!
  • The event starts at 7:00pm, but the Zoom will open at 6:30pm to get everyone signed in and set up with their teams.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the top three teams, as well as the team with the best team name!
  • Space is limited. Sign up and secure your spot early!

FAQ/Additional Notes

  • People in the same household may join the Zoom from a single device, but they still count as multiple people for the purposes of team size limits-- we are trying to keep it fair in terms of brain power.
  • We recommend taking notes while the questions are asked so that you can better discuss with your team during the breakout rooms.
  • The team captain will need to be able to be on Zoom and also able to fill out and submit the Google Form simultaneously. We recommend choosing a Team Captain who is comfortable with this and either is on a computer and can have both open at once, or has multiple devices.
  • Make sure your Zoom name is accurate. Team captains will give us the names of the people on their teams, and only those whose names match will be let into the Zoom. If there are issues with that, or changes in team members, please contact us and let us know the name to expect so that we may let you in to the Zoom.
  • Don't have a team? Contact us directly before registering and we can work something out or connect you to other solo players.
  • Trivia is on the honor system. We are trusting that everyone is honest and is not looking up answers on their devices during the sessions.