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Maria Fernanda Filizola is a kind, joyful woman with a very positive attitude. When she decided not to donate her kidney to her husband, it was not because she didn’t want to, but rather because she needed to save her kidney in case one day her daughter would need it.


It has been my privilege to share my incredible journey with you over these past two years. And oh, what a ride it has been! As promised, bumpy to boot at times - from waiting to be “sick enough” to be listed for transplant through the trial run and all its emotions and then the real deal just a short but trying week later. But what a week that was! I got to stand at the Donate Life Northwest annual Lifesavers Breakfast and represent all those waiting for transplant.


I have decided I have been way too self-centered in my writings. Some has been to protect my family, their identity, their feelings, but some things should be told. I have said this before. I think things are harder on them, on the family and friends who have to watch you go through this stuff.  Yes, I went through the actual physical ordeal, and continue to do so, and yes I go through the psychological stuff along with my family, but it’s on a different level.


I do have another really funny scene for my movie. It involves three fellows trying to keep me out of ICU. A nurse who took care of me during transplant and I win. You can only imagine… was quite the game!  But here’s the good thing. I was out of hotel OHSU in just two days despite all that. Prediction was 5-7 and very worried about needing a pouch. No way! This one beat all the odds.