Community Corner: Virtual Gardening with Patrice

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Join us in thanking all living donors for their lifesaving generosity while we enjoy some gardening.

Patrice, one of Donate Life Northwest’s most dedicated advocates and volunteers, is going to share with us her experience as a living donor.

We will do some virtual gardening and we have chosen to plant Forget me not flowers. These beautiful flowers are a symbol of true and undying love, a remembrance during partings or just a connection that lasts through time.

Did you know?

Each variety in the Forget Me Not family produces slightly different flowers, but the main type used for bouquets and flower beds produces small blue flowers with five petals. Careful breeding has produced pink, purple, and white varieties, although they are not as commonly available from florists and nurseries as the classic blue variety. Most types prefer dry conditions and light sandy soils, yet there are varieties that can thrive in any kind of garden or yard. (




Apr 8, 2021 5:00 PM through  6:00 PM
United States
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