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Donor Family Group

Our mission is to provide a unified voice for donor families who share their experiences of donation to improve the process and increase awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Members help identify new donor families to participate, are involved in planning donor memorial events, review and comment upon public education materials, and work with Donate Life Northwest to increase the representation of donor family stories and volunteers.



In November of 2020, the Donor Family group put on a virtual event to share memories and recipes to honor their loved ones. The result was a beautiful book of these memories. Holiday Recipes and Memories


Join Our Donor Family Community Facebook Group

Our Donor Family Community Facebook Group is a place for donor families to share their experiences, connect with other families, share resources, and ask questions. This is a supportive group where donor families can experience compassion from others who have similar experiences.

If you are a donor family member living in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho and are interested in joining our Donor Family Community Group on Facebook, please visit


The privacy setting for the group is “Private,” which means that in order to be added to the group, you will need to answer some questions, review, and agree to our disclaimer.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Donor Family Group, please contact one of the following: 

Donate Life Northwest

Matt Webber
Partner Relations Manager
Lions VisionGift

For more information about volunteering with Donate Life Northwest please visit our Volunteer Page