Will Lewis

Will Lewis había estado enfermo mientras pudiera recordar, por lo que no fue una sorpresa cuando los médicos le informaron que necesitaría un trasplante de riñón.

Will Lewis had been sick as long as he could remember, so it came as no surprise when doctors informed him that he’d need a kidney transplant. In 2012, his kidney function had decreased to the point that they were unable to filter blood correctly or provide proper nutrition, even with a surplus of supplements.

After waiting five months for a transplant, Will’s father was deemed a suitable living donor, and on December 18th of 2012, just days after his 23rd birthday, the two underwent surgery. “I was very nervous about the transplant,” Will said, “But I knew that it needed to be done.”

Only three weeks after his transplant, Will felt immediate improvements in his energy level, stress, and appetite. A community organizer for a local videogame development group, Will is able to dive back in to his passion for art and technology, all with a sense of optimism and hope. His father has also recovered well, and the two spend time together whenever they can.

After everything he has been through, Will feels an immense level of gratitude. “I’m so thankful for everyone’s support and for my new life,” he said, “I’m a big believer in taking action, to meeting problems head on. I’m blessed to have a father who was willing to meet our family’s challenge and donate a part of his body to create a promising horizon for his son.”