Heart Map

Share Your Transplant or Donation Story

with a Heart Map


Help Expand Awareness

In honor of National Donor Day—a time to a time to celebrate all types of donations and the lives they touch—we are launching a new campaign to help expand awareness about organ, eye, and tissue transplant and donation through sharing lived experiences. You and your loved ones are invited to share your story by creating a heart map, a creative and engaging representation of your journey!

What is a Heart Map?

A heart map is a visual “map” created using drawing, writing, collage, painting, photos, crafting, etc. A heart map expresses whatever you have stored in your heart and provides a meaningful and visually impactful way to share feelings and experiences. Heart maps also expand our hearts and help us to think and feel broadly about what really matters.

You do not need to be “artsy” to create a heart map. There is no right or wrong way to do it! A heart map can include, but is not limited to:

  • Feelings
  • Places
  • People you love
  • Experiences
  • Small Moments
  • Things
  • Questions
  • Memories
  • Meaningful Symbols


How Do I Contribute?

To contribute, take a peek at the examples in this packet for inspiration. Then select the prompt below that aligns with your experience. Use one of the five templates provided or start from scratch by creating your own heart. Fill in the heart in whatever way you choose to represent meaningful aspects of your transplant or donation journey. Please submit your heart map via email to: info@donatelifenw.org

  • Living Donor Prompt: What does your heart say about your donor experience?
  • Deceased Donor Family Prompt: How does your heart honor your loved one who gave the gift of life?
  • Transplant Recipient Prompt: What does your heart say about your transplant journey?
  • Currently Waiting Prompt: What does your heart wish for in relation to receiving a transplant?
  • Died Waiting Family Prompt: How does your heart remember your loved one who died waiting because an organ was not donated in time?