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Donate Life Northwest - Done Vida Noroeste

Donate Life Northwest works to provide Oregon's Hispanic/Latino population with education and access to resources around donation and transplant. The Done Vida Noroeste program works with Spanish-speaking Latino volunteers and community health organizations to provide bilingual and culturally specific education about donor registration, access to transplants, and opportunities to honor the generosity of donor families and the gratitude of recipients. 

The U.S. Office of Minority Health reports that nationally:

  • The number of organ transplants performed on Hispanics in 2020 was about 30 percent of the number of Hispanics currently waiting for a transplant. The number of transplants performed on whites was 48.8 percent of the number currently waiting.
  • While 20.5 percent of the total candidates currently waiting for transplants are Hispanic, they comprised 14.6 percent of organ donors in 2020.
  • Almost 69 percent of organs recovered from Hispanic patients in 2020 were from deceased donors.
  • Both Hispanic men and women have a chronic liver disease rate that is twice that of the white population, and they are almost twice as likely to die from chronic liver disease as compared to the white population.


Community Presentations

We invite members of the public to use our PowerPoint and request a supplemental kit of Spanish language brochures and registration forms.  Contact us about the availability of Spanish speaking presenters.

Eliminemos la Espera

As our Done Vida Noroeste program grows, we are helping more Latino communities. A new program we are developing is Eliminemos la Espera. This program focuses on educating kidney patients on kidney transplantation and living donation and pairing them with mentors. Our mentors are both living donors and deceased donor recipients. We want to support the Spanish-speaking community to empower themselves with education and resources about transplantation in the way that is most suitable for them. In addition, all of our trainings, materials, and resources will be provided in Spanish.

If you are bilingual and are interested in participating as a mentor or know someone who can benefit from this program or have questions, please contact

Stories of Hope

If your life has been touched by donation or transplantation, we invite you to share your story and inspire others. 

Educational Resources in Spanish

  • General info videos in Spanish:  HRSA 
  • Request brochures and registration forms in Spanish
  • Presentation available by request
  • Visit the Educational Resources page; nearly all toolkits contain Spanish language talking points and graphics. 
  • Watch more videos on our Done Vida Youtube channel for Spanish language public service announcements and testimonials.

Visit our Facebook Page




Ambassador Program

Bilingual volunteers are critical to helping us educate the community about this important health crisis.      Done Vida volunteers organize and/or attend events, speak to the community or school groups, and share their stories through our various public education projects.  For more information, please contact