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Latinos and Kidney Transplants

Latinos have a higher risk of kidney disease and kidney failure than White Americans. In fact, Latinos are 1½ times more likely to have kidney failure than other Americans.

Unfortunately, 10% of Latino Americans have diabetes, which is the leading cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure, diet, obesity, and access to health services can also be determining factors.

In Oregon, 87% of all Hispanics waiting for an organ transplant are waiting for a kidney.

Donate Life Northwest wants to encourage the Latino community with kidney disease to learn more and explore all of their options for treatment. It is important to learn about the transplant process, preparing for transplant, living donation, and deceased donation.


We would like to offer free resources to patients looking for more information; the resources available are in both English and Spanish. Contact Maria Fernanda Filizola for more information.

For more information or to sign up for the Erase The Wait program, contact Donate Life Northwest at

For local resources, please contact a transplant center.