About Donation

About Donation

Over 120,000 patients are listed on the national organ transplant waiting list, each one reliant on the compassion and generosity of another for a life-saving gift. Nearly 3,000 live in Oregon and Washington. While many lives are saved through transplantation, a chronic shortage of living and deceased organ donors means that not all will receive their transplant in time.

And donation doesn't just refer to organs. Cornea donation restores sight to thousands every year. A single tissue donor can touch over 50 lives - healing burn victims, saving the life of newborns with congenital heart defects, replacing tumorous bones, and more.

If we asked you to save a life, would you say "yes"?

Donate Life Northwest ensures that millions of people in the Pacific Northwest say YES to organ, eye and tissue donation. We educate Oregonians and Washingtonians, young and old, about their options to give the gift of life. Our mission symbolizes hope for those waiting for a transplant... comfort for those grieving the loss of their loved one... and gratitude for those whose lives have been changed by a stranger's decision to say YES.

And yet so many say no. The reasons vary: for many, sensational and inaccurate stories on TV or in the movies have formed a negative impression of donation. Some assume that their faith prohibits donation. Or perhaps a family avoids the topic altogether, out of fear or distaste for discussing end-of-life decisions. 

Thank you for visiting our website to learn the facts about donation. Thank you for saying YES.

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