About Donation and Transplantation

About Donation and Transplantation

The Need

There are over 120,000 patients on the national organ transplant waiting list, each one reliant on the compassion and generosity of another for a life-saving gift. More than 3,000 are listed at transplant centers in Oregon and Washington.  Especially with the aging of the population and increasing incidences of chronic kidney disease, the number of people on the waiting list grows daily. 

While many will be transplanted, there are some who sadly will not. Their gifts will not come in time. Our vision is a transplant for every patient in need so that there are not any deaths on the waiting list.

National research shows that a majority of the population supports the concept of donation, yet the same majority has not yet documented that decision through the state registries. Sometimes it is a myth, misconception or urban legend about donation that holds them back; other times it is the lack of understanding about process for documenting one’s intent to become a donor.

Registration Matters

When an individual documents on a donor registry their decision to be a donor, their family is relieved of the burden of making the donation decision at the time of their loved one's death.

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