About Donation

About Donation

The Need

There are over 120,000 patients on the national organ transplant waiting list, each one reliant on the compassion and generosity of another for a life-saving gift. More than 3,000 are listed at transplant centers in Oregon and Washington.  Especially with the aging of the population and increasing incidences of chronic kidney disease, the number of people on this waiting list grows daily.  While many lives are saved through transplantation, tragically, some are not.  There is a chronic shortage of living and deceased organ donors.

Cornea and tissue donation are equally powerful donations, restoring vision and mobility to thousands of tissue recipients every year.  But due to misinformation or confusion about the donation process, every day eligible donors remove themselves from the Donor Registry, fearing they are "too old" to help others. 

Donate Life Northwest works with local, regional and national partners to promote registering as a donor, and to raise awareness of donation issues.

Registration Matters

Documenting your decision relieves a grieving family of the burden of making a decision at the time of their loved one's death.  Learn more about the Donor Registry.

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