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Transplants help thousands of people every year return to a healthier life, made possible by the generous gift of life of their donor. 

Watch this video to learn more about how donation and transplantation works.

Getting on the National Organ Transplant Waiting List

Here are the necessary steps to get on the national waiting list, administered by OPTN/UNOS:

  1. Your physician must give you a referral.
  2. Contact a transplant hospital. Learn as much as possible about the 200+ transplant hospitals in the United States and choose one based on your needs, including insurance, location, finances, and support group availability.
  3. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation and find out if you are a good candidate for transplant.
  4. During the evaluation, ask questions to learn as much as possible about that hospital and its transplant team.
  5. If the hospital’s transplant team determines that you are a good transplant candidate, they will add you to the national waiting list.


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