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Photo collage of someone in a kidney costume; various living donors; our Erase the Wait mentorship program; and someone holding a sign about living donation

Living Donation

Thanks to advances in medical science, it is becoming increasingly common to safely donate certain organs while alive – usually a kidney or a portion of one's liver. Although the decision to become a living donor involves careful consideration, living donation offers transplant candidates a potentially life-saving alternative to waiting for an organ from a deceased donor.

In 2015, Donate Life Northwest launched Erase the Wait – a program that provides education to kidney patients about their full range of treatment options. Within Erase the Wait, we offer Transplant Education classes to dialysis patients as well as a workshop for transplant candidates wanting to explore living donation. 

If you are interested in learning more about Erase the Wait or joining one of our programs, please contact Donate Life Northwest at

Living Kidney Donation Programs in Oregon & Southwest Washington

Donate Life Northwest's Donor Registry is for deceased donation only. If you are interested in being a living donor, it’s important to educate yourself about the donation process, required testing, financial considerations, risks, and recovery. Kidneys are the most common organs donated by living donors and most transplant centers in Oregon and SW Washington focus on this type of living transplant. Contact a local transplant center to learn more:

Regional Organ Transplant Centers

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Contact to learn more about Donate Life Northwest's work to promote awareness of living kidney donation!


Other Living Donation Options

Partial Liver, Lung Lobe, Pancreas, Intestine

Nationally, the number of these donation procedures remains relatively small. Currently, these procedures are not performed in Oregon or Southwest Washington.


Bone Marrow 


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To learn more about living donation, check out these resources: