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Jaime Flores

Jaime is a devoted husband, father, and brother whose faith is so big that he feels blessed that God thought of him when his brother, Ramon, needed a kidney transplant.

When Ramon got sick and his health was deteriorating, Jaime realized how difficult it was going to be for Ramon to find a kidney. This is mostly because not everyone around them knew a lot about organ transplants and donation.

Doctors gave the brothers hope by telling Jaime that he was a good candidate to donate his kidney to his brother, and with that, he was going to be able to save his brother’s life.

Ramon’s life changed completely after receiving Jaime’s kidney in February 1998, and each aspect of his life got better. He now has three kids and is happy, living life to the fullest. They are both so thankful for the gift God gave them.

Jaime has always been a big supporter of the Latino community and works as a volunteer by building healthier communities through parish-based health promotion. After his kidney donation, Jaime decided that he wanted to learn more about organ donation. He has been a volunteer at Donate Life Northwest since 2013. Jaime is also part of Donate Life Northwest’s Erase the Wait mentorship program. His main goal is that the Latino community learn about living donation: “Everyone has to know that living donation is one of the best decisions someone can make. Saving someone’s life is amazing, and what is incredible is that we can live with just one kidney!”

Jaime wants everyone to know how special living donation is. Being a living donor brings him a special type of happiness. He explains, “God gave us this amazing life; we can help by saving lives.”

At events for Done Vida Noroeste (Donate Life Northwest’s Hispanic outreach program), Jaime reminds us that we can donate one of our kidneys and we will be ok; and that his life did not change after he did donated to his brother. Jaime has a beautiful family. He has a wife and children. He is healthy enough to both work and volunteer.  Most importantly, Jaime is grateful that he was an instrument God used to save his brother.