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The Oregon Donor Registry

The Donor Registry is a secure and confidential database listing everyone who has indicated their decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. The Registry is accessible only to authorized employees of organ, eye and tissue procurement agencies. It is not accessible to emergency responders or hospital personnel.

The Oregon Donor Registry database is managed by Donate Life Northwest, while the Washington Donor Registry is managed by LifeCenter Northwest. Because each state has its own registry, you should register in the state in which you currently live.

There are 3 ways to register: at DMV, online, or with a paper form.

What's the difference?

Registering through DMV

  • You must be at least 15 years old to register at DMV.
  • By checking the box on your application for your permit, license or state ID, you are giving legal consent for organ, eye and/or tissue donation upon death, for the sole purpose of saving lives and improving health through transplant.
  • Your decision and contact information will be added to the Donor Registry, managed by Donate Life Northwest.
  • A "D" code will appear on your license. This is for your information only! Contrary to popular belief, emergency and hospital personnel do not use your license to see whether or not you are a donor.
  • If you choose to un-enroll as a donor through DMV, you will need to purchase a new license, permit or ID through DMV.


Registering online / with paper form

  • You must be at least 13 years old to register online.
  • You may specify what you would not consent to donate upon death.  
  • Registering and updating your designation is free. 
  • A code will not appear on your driver's license. 


It is critical that registered donors tell their family about their wish to donate organs, eyes and tissues. The news that a loved one was, or was not, a registered donor can be burdensome if it comes as a surprise after a death.

Visit our FAQ sections for more.