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Remote Teaching Resources

Below are some assignments and activities so your students can learn about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation from home. We recommend providing them with at least one item from the "Learning" section and one or more items from the "Activities" section. Or if you choose the Foundational or Advanced Readings, there are questions at the end of each section they can answer. Many of these materials can be used in a variety of ways-- live with your class, for them to read or do online on their own time, or to print out to do offline.


  • Virtual In-Class Presentation
    • This is a recording of a virtual version of an in-class presentation. It covers the basics of organ, eye, and tissue donation and the waiting list, as well as a personal story from someone with a connection to organ, eye, and tissue donation. The video is about 40 minutes long.
    • Please note that you are also able to request a live virtual presentation for your students at this time (subject to availability). You can do so by emailing our Education Program staff at
  • Go Recycle Yourself Handout
    • This is a basic handout about donation.
  • Foundational Readings
    • This is a packet of readings that covers the waiting list, cornea donation, tissue donation, deceased organ donation, and living donation. Each section has questions for reading comprehension and critical thinking questions. If you've had our in-class presentation in the past, this covers the same information.
  • Advanced Readings
    • This is a packet of advanced readings that goes more in depth on cornea donation and transplantation, tissue donation, reasons for organ transplants, deceased donation, organ transplant technology, and careers in the donation and transplantation field. Each section has questions for reading comprehension and critical thinking questions. This packet (or selected sections) is good for more advanced classes, such as anatomy classes, or classes focused on careers in the medical field.
  • Lesson Plan for Presentation on Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation
  • Go Recycle Yourself YouTube channel
    • Our YouTube channel has a variety of videos-- both personal stories and educational videos-- that would be good supplements to the other educational compoents.


Activities (all are word documents so students can fill out electronically)

  • Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation Quiz
  • Top 10 Misconceptions about Donation
    • This provides students with 10 common misconceptions and challenges them to do online research to de-bunk each myth with a fact.
  • Donation Data
    • This activity asks students to go to a national website and find national and local data for the number of people on the waiting list by age, ethnicity, and gender, then asks them questions about what they found.
  • Beliefs about Donation
    • This activity asks students to talk to a family member or someone in theri household about donation. Talking to families is our number one message, but please use your best judgement on this activity as it can be tricky in some households.


For more information or activities, as well as a full curriculum and stories, you can go to You can also contact us at for more help.