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Smiling young Hispanic man wearing sunglasses and sitting in a convertible
Green silhouette of an eye

Feliciano Cruz Morales

Feliciano’s sudden death left his family sad and hurting. But they found peace and hope through his generous gift of sight.

Feliciano was the youngest of the five children of Bertha and Gilberto. He brought much joy to his family even before he was born since his mother's pregnancy was complicated, and she fought to get a healthy baby into the world. They say, "We have so many memories full of love, of how tender and sweet he was in our lives."

Feliciano started working very young. He worked in different places like Winco, Best Buy, and UNITUS, and later, thanks to his efforts, he got a job at Sony in a higher position as a senior consultant. In all the jobs, they talk about the great work and attention he had. His family boasts, “He was always willing to help and learn. He never gave up! He always pushed forward and always found light in the dark.”

On December 3, 2022, Feliciano was riding his motorcycle in broad daylight when a car struck him. He died instantly. His family has remained strong with their faith in God, but deep down, they have had difficulty accepting that he is gone. They share, “Our hearts hurt. I wish we could see his face one more time. We want him to walk through that door at our family gatherings with his smile and feel that big hug he would give us."

Now they want to help raise awareness about how sudden a loss can be. His family explains, "This hits the whole family, and one is in terrible pain."Young Hispanic man, wearing a blue hoodie and smiling

Feliciano’s family understands that families do not like to talk about death or what will happen when it happens, but they want to share their story so that more people know that it is important for families to talk about their feelings about organ, eye, and tissue donation. They say, "Sometimes, as a family, we have myths that don't help thinking about being a donor and saving lives, saying yes to life."

They also want to remind people to drive with caution: "Cyclists and motorcyclists are more exposed, and carelessness or distraction can quickly end a life."

Feliciano registered as a donor through the DMV. His family believes he wanted to help someone in need. That filled them with pride and peace because even after his death and thanks to his donation, they knew that he served those who needed it with joy. They want to continue to honor his life and memory by doing things in his honor. They say, “Knowing that he donated his corneas to someone fills us with hope and comfort. Feliciano filled us with pride after his transcendence by donating, and he will continue to fill us with happiness just by naming his name."