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Stories of Hope

Our goal at Donate Life Northwest is to educate and encourage people to sign up on their state donor registry. Why? To offer hope to the parents of an 11-year-old boy given six months to live unless he receives a heart transplant. To give grieving families the knowledge their loved one left a selfless legacy. To join in celebration of lives saved and sight and mobility restored because a person's decision to donate was known and honored at their time of death. Because organ, eye and tissue donation is about one human being offering the gift of life to another. Submit Your Story
Heart recipient Lara, smiling and wearing a black jacket and surrounded by her smiling mother on the left, who is holding a small tan dog, and her smiling father on the right

Lara Guroff

Heart failure slowed Lara down, but a generous heart donor has given her back her life full of love, family, and adventure.

Smiling Asian woman wearing a pink sweater hugging a tall White man wearing a red and black flannel shirt

Andrew Wheeler

IgA Nephropathy turned Andrew's life upside down and moved him thousands of miles. But thanks to a kidney donor, Andrew has a healthy life and a future.

Trisha Studer

Trisha has always served others. Right now, she's waiting on a kidney transplant so that she can get back to taking care of those she loves.

Red-haired man wearing a red plaid shirt and smiling with a smiling brunette woman wearing a black coat standing in front of a lit glass sculture

Curtis Newcomer

In 2020, while most people were concerned about COVID, Curt was facing liver failure and being rejected by multiple transplant programs. But then, all the pieces came together and saved his life.

Smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair

Renee Gibson

Type 1 diabetes took its toll on Renee, and for two years, she has been waiting for a kidney transplant. She looks forward to the day when she is finally free from dialysis and able to live her life fully.

Smiling young Hispanic man wearing sunglasses and sitting in a convertible

Feliciano Cruz Morales

Feliciano’s sudden death left his family sad and hurting. But they found peace and hope through his generous gift of sight.

Organ donor, Lily, a teenaged Hispanic girl with long, dark curly hair against a dark background

Lillian Rodriguez

Lillian "Lily" Rodriguez's death was unexpected and devastating, but her family finds some peace in knowing that she blessed others with the gift of life. 

Professional headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair

Dresden Skees-Gregory

Dresden needed a strong, healthy body to sustain her busy life. Thanks to a tissue donor, now she has two strong knees to stand on.

Living Kidney Donor Isabelle Soule's Headshot

Isabelle Soule

When it comes to advocating for organ donation, Isabelle is a force to be reckoned with. A nurse, a nurse educator, a researcher, and a living kidney donor, she’s a passionate and compassionate, determined woman.

Pediatric kidney patient Nevaeh Dewitt with Spiderman at OMSI superhero exhibit

Nevaeh Dewitt

Nevaeh was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome as a child, but for years it lay dormant. As a teen, it was her knees that gave her problems. This led to her receiving tissue allografts. Now, at 17, she is facing kidney failure.