Make a Gift

Make a Gift

Holiday Matching Challenge 

The Killers Pest Control, a donor-family-owned company, will match your gift, dollar for dollar, when you share a few words about what inspires you.

Kathy wrote a note using the arm she could have lost, had it not been for her donor. She gave to remember the young woman who died in a skiing accident and gave Kathy the chance to resume her teaching career. Kathy is celebrating 26 years since her cancer was defeated and the replacement of the upper half of her humerus bone saved her right arm from amputation. 

Rebecca gave to celebrate Jack and Jay, two heart recipients who live their lives as inspirations to others.

Mae and Gary gave in memory of Brian Jack who passed away at age 7, and in honor of his mother Leslie's work to carry on Brian Jack's legacy of giving life and sight to others.

Cheryl made a holiday gift to remember her generous daughter Melissa—who joined the donor registry with her first license—and to celebrate the many lives Melissa saved through donation.

Alex lost his mother when a second donor could not be found in time. He gave to honor her first donor and her career as a compassionate physician … and to bring hope to others who wait.

Their gifts were doubled, and yours will be too! The Killers want to save lives, and they will match all year-end gifts, up to $5,000.

If you have already made your year-end gift, thank you! If you haven’t, here are a number of ways to do your part.

Donate Life Northwest
PO Box 532
Portland, OR  97207

Broker, Edward Jones
Account Name, Donate Life Northwest
Account #915-13271-1-2
IRS ID 93-0867552
DTC #0057

You can make up to $100,000 in cash donations to IRS-approved charities directly out of your IRA(s) for this year if you will be age 70 1/2 or older as of Dec. 31, 2015. Your spouse is entitled to a separate $100,000 limitation for any IRA(s) that they own, assuming they have also reached that age. Contributions direct from your IRA are called qualified charitable distributions, or QCDs. They are tax-free, not reported as taxable income. (So deductions are not allowed, but not needed, for them.) Thus, QCDs don’t directly affect your tax bill. However, they count as withdrawals for purposes of meeting the required minimum distribution (RMD) rules that apply to your traditional IRAs after age 70 1/2, and many folks will come out ahead vs. taking the RMD then making a charitable contribution. If you haven't yet taken your 2015 RMD amount from your IRA(s), you can substitute tax-free QCD donations for taxable RMDs. You’ll have to hurry to take advantage of this break for the 2015 tax year. Contact your IRA administrator to make a QCD to:  Donate Life Northwest, IRS ID 93-0867552, PO Box 532, Portland, OR 97207 

Thank you!  

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