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Stories of Hope

Our goal at Donate Life Northwest is to educate and encourage people to sign up on their state donor registry. Why? To offer hope to the parents of an 11-year-old boy given six months to live unless he receives a heart transplant. To give grieving families the knowledge their loved one left a selfless legacy. To join in celebration of lives saved and sight and mobility restored because a person's decision to donate was known and honored at their time of death. Because organ, eye and tissue donation is about one human being offering the gift of life to another. Submit Your Story
A smiling Dad, surrounded by a woman and four teenaged children

Greg Tyree

It was during a routine physical for a life insurance policy that Greg learned he was in kidney failure. Now, he's hoping to find a kidney donor to save his life.

Caucasian man with curly brown hair, beard, and glasses, wearing a blue button down shirt and smiling

Kevin Kuhl

When Kevin learned that a co-worker was desperately ill and needed a kidney transplant, he took it upon himself to get educated. Then, he saved her life.

Smiling teen girl with long, curly dark hair

Mandi Christensen

Mandi only lived on this earth for 16 years, but her years were good years – years full of faith, hope, and love that she freely shared with everyone around her.

Smiling young Caucasian man with short dark hair wearing a Portland Trailblazers cap

Mackenzie Hoover

When Mackenzie was just 16, he decided to register as a donor. Almost 10 years later, a tragic accident and brain injury led to him giving the gifts of life and sight.

Hispanic man wearing a blue button-down shirt and a cream colored cowboy hat in front of a mustard yellow background

Jose Espain

Jose’s family is the most important thing in his life. Thanks to a generous kidney donor, he is still here to share life with them.

Woman with long, wavy blonde hair sitting in front of an unlit fireplace holding a picture frame with a picture of a Black man

Tracy Doherty

A rare heart disease stole Tracy's dreams and almost her life -- until a generous donor gave her a miracle -- a heart and a second chance at life.

Smiling, tall Hispanic woman with short curly hair, wearing a red button-down shirt, with arms around a shorter, smiling, long-haired Hispanic woman

Paola Sauceda

For the last 27 years, since she was 3 years old, Paola’s life has been a constant fight for survival. She is ready for a kidney transplant so that she can live the healthy life she has always wanted. 

Smiling Caucasian man with salt-and-pepper hair and goatee wearing sunglasses and a green t-shirt that reads "Keep Calm and Squatch On"

Jeff Simmons

Jeff was only 46 when he died of cardiac arrest. Because he said yes, he restored the sight of a 61-year-old woman.

Smiling woman with short grey hair, wearing sunglasses and and orange tshirt standing to the left of a white-haired man wearing sunglasses wearing a red tshirt

Lynn Beebe

Lynn received a second chance at life, and she’s using every second to honor her donor and share her story.

Heart recipient Lara, smiling and wearing a black jacket and surrounded by her smiling mother on the left, who is holding a small tan dog, and her smiling father on the right

Lara Guroff

Heart failure slowed Lara down, but a generous heart donor has given her back her life full of love, family, and adventure.