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Stories of Hope

Our goal at Donate Life Northwest is to educate and encourage people to sign up on their state donor registry. Why? To offer hope to the parents of an 11-year-old boy given six months to live unless he receives a heart transplant. To give grieving families the knowledge their loved one left a selfless legacy. To join in celebration of lives saved and sight and mobility restored because a person's decision to donate was known and honored at their time of death. Because organ, eye and tissue donation is about one human being offering the gift of life to another. Submit Your Story

Cyndi Moody

Lung disease slowed Cyndi down, but it didn't stop her. Now, with the precious gift of donated lungs, Cyndi is powering into a healthy future.

Damian Delaney

A liver donor, a teacher, and an athlete, Damian is living proof that becoming a living donor doesn't have to slow you down.

Dana Clayton

Dana’s journey with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) started in 1994 with exhaustion and terrible back pain. Thanks to her living kidney donor, she's a whole new woman.

Daniel Indra

It’s been one of the saving graces that my husband and I have – knowing that our son is still alive, and he is alive in four people.

Dash Dennis

Dash Dennis has big plans for the future – work, travel, and building relationships. But first, he needs to have a kidney transplant – his third.

David Oliphant

With a four-generation legacy of cornea and tissue donors, David's family knows the pain of loss, but they also know the healing balm of giving the gifts of life, sight, and health during their time of loss.

David Terry

David Terry

David’s lung donor gave him back life and health – and he’s shouting his thanks literally from the mountaintops.

Professional headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair

Dresden Skees-Gregory

Dresden needed a strong, healthy body to sustain her busy life. Thanks to a tissue donor, now she has two strong knees to stand on.

Emily Lighthipe

Emily had never met Liz, but when she heard that Liz needed a kidney, she volunteered to be tested and ultimately donated to the woman who is now her friend.

Smiling young Hispanic man wearing sunglasses and sitting in a convertible

Feliciano Cruz Morales

Feliciano’s sudden death left his family sad and hurting. But they found peace and hope through his generous gift of sight.