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National Donor Sabbath Materials




Faith Outreach

National Donor Sabbath is observed annually two weekends before Thanksgiving, from Friday through Sunday. 

National Donor Sabbath 2022 will take place Nov. 11-13

National Donor Sabbath is a time for people of all faith to honor those who have given the lifesaving and healing gift of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Every year during this special time, Donate Life Northwest works closely with communities of faith to bring the message of donation to congregations around the country.

People view donation as an act of compassion and generosity. Since people often turn to their faith leaders for help when dealing with life and death issues, National Donor Sabbath provides an opportunity for faith communities to share their views and join in the conversation.

When someone we know dies, it can call attention to the importance of the spiritual dimension of life. And when faced with the decision of organ, eye, and tissue donation during the trauma of a loved one’s death, the question often arises, “What is my religion’s stance on organ, eye, and tissue donation?”  Most people are not aware of their faith’s doctrine or position regarding organ, eye, and tissue donation.  As a result, the decision-maker often looks to a faith leader for an informed answer. This November, with your help, we can educate individuals and save more lives.


Most religions support organ and tissue donation as an act of charity and goodwill.


Highlights on religious perspectives  

  • “Organ donation is a testimony of love for our neighbor.” - Pope Francis
  • If you save one life, it is as though you save the world. —The Talmud
  • Organ donation is in keeping with Hindu beliefs as it can help to save the life of others.-The Late Mr. Om Parkash Sharma MBE President, National Council of Hindu Temples
  • Giving is the greatest of Buddhist virtues. The Buddha in a previous life gave his body to a starving tigress who could not feed her cubs. There are many such Jataka tales some in which he even gave his eyes to someone who wanted them. What loss do I suffer to give an unwanted organ after my death to give another person life? - Dr. Desmond Biddulph Chairman of The Buddhist Society

How you can get involved

  • Talk to your faith leader about including organ, eye, and tissue donation in their sermon.
  • Interested in having Donate Life Northwest give a presentation at your place of worship? Email us at and we can work with you to make that happen!
  • Request materials free materials to share with your faith community. We have a variety of free materials including printed brochures, example sermons for faith leaders, JPEG images for newsletters and e-communications, registration forms, Facebook banners, and more. We would be more than happy to provide you with any educational materials that you might need. To request materials please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.




Thank you for supporting our mission! If you have more questions about this event or how to involve your place of worship, please email/call  Donate Life Northwest at or (503) 494-7888.

Are you interested in getting National Donor Sabbath materials to your place of worship this November? Request free materials using this form. A Donate Life Northwest staff member will contact you to let you know your materials are on their way. Please note: The quantity of materials is based on event type and event attendance; all are subject to availability. 

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